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Paco Acedo – November 13, 1976, Córdoba, Spain

Extreme Diver

Explorer specialist on ice diving

From an early age, his childhood is linked to the seabed and the sea. Paco has managed to combine in a peculiar way his four great passions: diving, adventure, nature and music

For years he combined his career as a professional musician, occasionally working for leading artists such as Miguel Ríos, Ariel Rot or Ramoncín, with his interest in exploring remote places and cultures, having in his adolescence his first contact with extreme environments in the deep desert of the Sahara, a trip that would change his perception of the planet and its inhabitants

His career as a professional musician takes him to New York, where he suffers very closely the attack on the Twin Towers in 2001, an experience that makes a milestone in his career and after which he decides to return to his hometown to reorient his life towards what made him feel really alive. After competing successfully and exercising for 7 years as a teacher, he saves enough money to leave everything and do without a life which is perhaps too humdrum. He opens the first diving school in Córdoba, his hometown, and combines his work as a diving instructor with the exclusive dedication to exploration, adventure and what he himself defines as “adventure diving” in a professional way

Years of experience and an extensive curriculum in arctic and antarctic expeditions support his ability to carry out projects in which the underwater world and the polar regions combine in unprecedented expeditions

Diving and exploration projects have led Paco to travel to remote places around the world, completing in 2010 the first “UNDERWATER EXPEDITION AROUND THE WORLD”, an expedition carried out alone which had a great national and international impact and in which he dived under the waters of more than 12 countries, including remote polar regions such as Antarctica

In 2011/12, he completed the project “TESTIGOS DEL DESHIELO”. Again, a solo adventure exploring the seabeds of Greenland, Siberia and Svalbard which gave birth to a documentary which showed the reality of the last inhabitants of the Arctic facing global warming and thaw . Shortly thereafter, he would go to live with the last Eskimos of the north of Greenland, diving under the ice in Arctic regions where it had never been done before

During 2014 he completed another unprecedented challenge, “CROSSING THE ICE”, an expedition in which he crossed the Baltic Sea skiing and diving under the icy sea. A year later, he would embark on a new solo adventure skiing and diving under the ice of LAKE BAIKAL in Siberia

In that same year he was awarded the ‘Born To Be Discovery’ prize by the Discovery Max TV channel, being also nominated to the “Discovery Awards” in 2015. That year Paco is also appointed international ambassador of HOLLIS, the brand leader in technical diving equipment for which he would research for the development of new diving gear for ice diving

At the moment Paco has the support and recognition of the SPANISH GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY, having led the project SUBPOLAR 90° since 2013. This is an ambitious expedition that seeks to reach the the Geographical North Pole diving

SUBPOLAR 90° combines science, sport, extreme diving under the ice and its particular protest against climate change. An unprecedented adventure worldwide



During years Paco has collaborated with recognized magazines like Oxígeno, Outside, Buceadores, Immersion, Buceo XXI, etc, publishing articles on a regular basis. In 2016 he also became a collaborator in the TV show CUARTO MILENIO on channel CUATRO , where through his expeditions he delves into the mysteries surrounding the underwater world and the polar regions whose icy bottoms are still unexplored



Communicator, speaker, writer, documentary producer, professional diving instructor, ambassador of values and brands, Paco decided to risk everything to feel and live his great passion. He now devotes himself full time to the development of new projects and the exploration of the most remote regions of the planet