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Throughout his challenges and expeditions, many of them alone and in the face of often adverse circumstances, Paco has accumulated many useful lessons for his personal and working life, facing motivation and improvement in any area of life, the importance of setting goals and the acceptance of success and especially failure

Sustained on other values such as personal improvement, entrepreneurial spirit, acceptance of challenges, leadership, decision-making, facing adverse situations, resolution at critical moments, fear management, self-confidence and uncertainty faced with the challenge, Paco will share his experiences with large companies, entities, schools, institutes, athletes, nature lovers, adventurers and the general public

Paco is a pioneer and passionate adventurer and explorer fully involved with what he does, preserving from the respect to the great explorers from past and present history, his own ideas, objectives and way of understanding adventure and exploration

In his talks, from the proximity and simplicity, he involves the listeners in the great adventure of exploring and immersing himself in unknown places, generating through images and first-hand experiences a great emotional impact as protagonist and lover of the polar regions, transmitting in turn, values such as humility, sacrifice, determination and respect for the environment and people


The road to achieve our dreams is full of fears and difficulties to face and overcome. It is easy to give up and often difficult to continue. Paco shares his experiences on how to find your own direction, how to face your own destiny, how to overcome critical moments, where to find the motivation to continue, how to motivate a team and ourselves to continue betting and fighting for a dream

Sports and Culture

Conferences are aimed at sport, adventure, travelling, different cultures and ancestral populations enthusiasts. Paco has traveled from an early age through remote regions of the planet, living among tribes in the Pacific or among Inuits from the north of Greenland, sometimes facing much more than sport challenges in extreme conditions and in places never explored before. The final goal will always be to return home again


Through his frequent incursions into the polar regions, Paco has been a direct witness of the thaw and climate change that our planet is undergoing at present. From his first trip to Greenland, Paco promised to give voice to those who, living in such remote regions, can not send us their message and tell us what is happening in the polar regions. Through interviews and videos we will witness the undeniable reality of thaw and global warming

For Businesses

Managers of small, medium and large companies, as wel as individuals, or special groups, can learn how to face adverse situations, take on attainable challenges, manage fear or make decisions at critical moments fighting the possible uncertainties

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All lectures are organized according to the interests and ages of the attendees, and can be adapted for children, university students, athletes, nature lovers or the general public

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Through photographs and projections, curious and passionate of nature will be able to undertake a trip to the most remote corners of the planet, living the expeditions closely and seeing live the material used during the crossings carried out in the polar regions