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The Experience

The adventure with the Nenets from Yamal, at the feet of the Ural Mountains in the deep Siberia, was anything but normal.

For the first time in all the trips I have made around the world, my buddy and I were not warmly welcomed. Despite the respect and curiosity which I always try to transmit to the cultures scattered around the world I visit, this time we were blatantly received as intruders by the family that was supposed to welcome us. Living as a nomad in the lands of Siberia is no mean feat and we could only show our understanding. Fortunately the children always greeted us with a smile, like other families in the group settled there.

Diving in the Ural Mountains was a dream that will have to wait because the Nenets’ promises of help with breaking the ice were not fulfilled despite having paid them in advance. A very unpleasant as well as violent situation.

There are undoubtedly many worlds within this world. How to judge who should understand who?


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