64° 57.783'N - 19° 1.250'W



The Experience

Iceland is the last frontier in Europe where you can admire wild nature. My plan was 22 days of south-north crossing carrying a 32 kg backpack.

After venturing into Iceland from the south, the first river awaited me with rushing waters and no safe area to cross.

I ventured to cross it but the first few meters were enough to start fearing for my life. Losing sensitivity on my feet due to the icy water, the river grew deeper and deeper with a strong current. Finally, the water overcame me and washed me down the river. After reaching the shore, the only option was to go back to the coast and plan another route.

Finally, I moved to the highlands to explore the area and start the route from there to the south. The finishing touch to my adventure in Iceland was Silfra, a fissure between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, flooded by icy waters of nearby rivers. A wonderful gift for the senses, flying between two continents with a visibility of more than 100 meters.



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