65° 11.213'S - 63° 35.992'W


South Pole

The experience


The breathtaking landscapes of Antarctica fascinated Paco from the moment he climbed onto the deck of the Russian icebreaker he managed to embark and the polar cold hit his face for the first time


This expedition, formed by scientists of different nationalities, would travel the Antarctic Peninsula for two weeks while diving and taking data and samples from the cold antarctic waters. Among other requirements, two conditions were essential in order to become part of the “unscientific” crew: one was to pay the corresponding thousands of euros, and another was to prove plenty of experience using a special dry suit for ice diving together with a minimum of 50 ice dives certified by an international organization. Although he did not fulfill any of the last requirements, he managed to get a couple of false documents and went directly to antarctic waters where he used a dry suit for the first time


After being attacked by a leopard seal, this thrilling encounter with nature in its purest state hooked him completely into the fascinating world of ice


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