68° 8.491'N - 13° 34.063'E

Lofoten Islands


The experience


Well beyond the Arctic Circle, this remote place in northern Norway not only hides wonderful natural landscapes and unexplored fjords, but also dozens of frozen lakes which have never been dived before. Except for the moment of diving under the ice, this was not an “extreme” adventure since, for once, there was no need to drag heavy loads.


Three were the objectives: the first one was to dive with the orcas which arrive at these coasts in Christmas in order to feed themselves. The second one was to “hunt” and enjoy the wonderful show of the Northern Lights; and the third objective was to break the ice once more, and dive into magical places where no previous divings have been recorded.


The orcas delayed their arrival north of the Lofoten Islands this year, so that experience would remain pending. However, the Northern Lights were in all its splendour and, of course, there was no ice that resisted Paco. He would finally fulfill the dream of getting lost in the mountains and diving surrounded by the snowy mountains of the Lofoten


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