53° 33.522'N - 108° 9.900'E

Baikal Lake


The experience


Lake Baikal is located in the deepest part of Siberia. It is the largest, oldest and deepest freshwater lake in the world, an irresistible temptation for an ice enthusiast like Paco


The solo expedition to Lake Baikal was a great adventure since a polar trip would be combined with ice diving in this place for the first time in history. The myths and legends of this place, coupled with the local beliefs about spirits inhabiting the lake, made this adventure even more exciting


With 100 Kg of material, 8 hours of daily crossing, a thermal sensation of -40ºC and the dangerous state of the ice, Paco had to face a mental battle against his own fears, overcoming his fall to the icy water on the first day and losing all the diving material in the ice. The adventure in Baikal was a turning point in his restless motivation to explore the polar regions and their unexplored seabeds



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